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Vintage Black Glass

Our Huge Collection of Vintage Heirloom Black Amethyst and Black Onyx Glass from the 1920’s – 1970’s. We have been collecting for over a year & have well over 400 pieces with 20-40 of each piece!!!! Looks good even to the Queen.  

New Orleans Secret

Our Select Lounge/Upholstery, Chairs, Tables and Structures are now all on line. Check back as we bring Lighting, Decor, Vessels and Themes! And as always…. We have more than what you see. In collaboration with the largest film and television prop house in the Gulf South, our prop rental offerings is…

Jazz Hall Lookbook

Urban Earth’s Lookbooks make it easy.  Your time is valuable: clients expect responsiveness, creativity, and a high return on their entertaining investment.  Why juggle multi vendors – Urban can provide decor plus flowers. Jazz Hall is very popular in the Big Easy – see all our Lookbooks here.  

If your renting less than $1200.00 there is a minimum delivery charge of $350.00 - No minimum for rentals picked up at our warehouse. Dismiss