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Now we've done it!

Elevate your event decor with UE2 Signature Looks. Perfect for alternative weddings and New Orleans inspired corporate or social events. We’ve crafted the look for you. 


41 Rose Colored Glasses opt


40 Black White and Green opt

st charles

42 White and Black opt
See a look that intrigues you? Add personal style and color to your event by switching it up – and we can help with that. Send us a note below and visit Urban Earth Design Studios for more inspirations.


05 Storyville_opt

art deco

01 art deco_opt

jazz hall

03 jazz hall_opt

blackened bayou

09 blackened bayou_opt

bayou jean lafitte

07 Bayou jean la fitte_opt


08 rougaroux_opt

marie laveau

10 Marie Lav opt


12 atchafalaya_opt

early industrial

32 industrial age_opt

mad men

25 mad men_opt

spa day

31 spa day_opt

emerald coast

16 Emerald Coast
These UE2 Lookbooks feature inspiration boards, select UE-designed props, furnishings and soft seating, decor elements, and botanical presentations. From small vignettes and intimate lounge groupings, cocktail and dining table centerpieces, all the way to large scale events with many themed elements, our Lookbooks are scalable and customizable.

Reach out to UE2 for any questions

If your renting less than $1000.00 there is a minimum delivery charge of $350.00 - No minimum for rentals picked up at our warehouse. Dismiss